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Shaman Las Vegas - Spiritual Couples Counseling
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I'm happy you're here!

You’ve taken a step toward aligning within your full power and drastically transforming your life. 
Whether it's gaining spiritual insight and awareness, deepening your personal relationships, 
healing from past trauma, or embracing authentic power, I'm here to help you follow your intuition's unwavering guidance and create a life that exceeds your wildest dreams.

I’m doing it for myself, breath by breath, and I’d love to help you arrive, too.

Shaman Las Vegas Spiritual Therapist
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Marriage Counseling Las Vegas

My primary gift is to nurture the expansion of awareness, intuitive guidance, power, and peace of mind. 

Nothing is more satisfying to me than helping people make breakthroughs to understand themselves and the world around them more deeply. 
What you choose to do with that newfound clarity is up to you, but I will say this: the nature of such discernment is evolutionary growth - a constant blossoming of awareness that yearns to perceive all inner & outer realities without illusive veils.

This hefty yet ultimately joyful way of living allows you to move freely as your most authentic and 
empowered self, in alignment with the natural order of the Universe, and confident of every step you take because you know you are walking a path infused with truth, purpose, and soul.


I’m no stranger to transformation myself. My life has been a series of deaths and re-births. I love what the Sufi saint & poet Rabia wrote: “I died a thousand times before I died.” Yes. Me too. Sometimes at the cellular level…other times, it was a portion of my ego dissipating, or old habits and mindsets that were no longer serving my highest development.
Do I have it all figured out? Of course not. But I do know I’ve devoted my life to climbing a direct path up the mountain of Truth/Self-Empowerment/Cosmic Mysteries, and if you, too, feel called to forge a path up that beautiful, profound mountain, I would be honored to be your guide.

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Shaman Las Vegas

I come from a hard-working Italian family in Chicago, though it's been a long time since I called the Midwest home. I’ve lived coast to coast in the States, as well as in Europe & Morocco. I've also traveled to over forty countries, sometimes to work with spiritual teachers & indigenous leaders, other times to hike through magical forests, marvel at snowy mountains, or jump through waterfalls - and always to observe the world from wildly new perspectives. 

Because I've encountered a wide range of relationships, lifestyles, and beliefs in both my personal & professional lives, I've been shaped into an adaptable, open-minded human, able to provide clients with a wealth of resources and wisdom gained not only from scholarly research, but also from an array of deeply lived experiences. Sometimes I feel as if I've packed ten lifetimes worth of living into this life so far! Not to mention, I'm an old, old soul.

I have formally studied at New York University, in Aix-en-Provence France, and at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I received my graduate degree. Upon graduation, I was invited to teach in the UNLV Honors College, where I am currently an Associate Professor teaching multi-disciplinary seminars. You can find out more about me as a writer & professor by visiting my sister site here.

My background as a spiritual guide, counselor, and shamanic healer evolved over decades of intensive shamanic work & focused learning from intuitive therapists, spiritual teachers, and indigenous medicine carriers who shared their wisdom, lineages, and direct transmissions with me. I am eternally grateful for the 14-year relationship I've had with my primary teacher/healer/shamanic guide who has played a vital role in shaping the way I hold space for my own clients; he always places integrity, alignment, and love at the center of his healings. I am also indebted to the Sufi master with whom I studied in France, who first activated my innermost heart. And I give great thanks to the Yawanawa family of Amazonian Brazil for sharing their pure, un-unadulterated, Earth medicines with me; my relationship with plant medicines wouldn't be as grounded as it is if I hadn't made multiple pilgrimages to Brazil to learn from
Peu (the respected Yawa pajé), Biraci (the chief), and Putanny (the chief's wife & first female Yawa medicine carrier.) 

As well, the time I've spent in group meditations at the Mount Adams Buddhist Temple and Druid Sanctuary in Washington State has been so dear to my soul; the clean energy of the grounds & temple, the sweetness of the alpaca on the farm, and the power of the volcanic mountain all combine to form a pristine container within which inner-journeying becomes effortless and supported. Additionally, I've had the privilege of learning from the greatly-understated Dr. John Beaulieu, a counselor, healer, and sound therapist living in upstate New York. And, Dr. Marta Meana is a therapist/mentor (and my former boss!) who taught me endless lessons in leadership & inter-personal dynamics.

Most recently, I've returned to my Indo-European roots and dived into the energies & shamanic traditions that stem from the part of the world where my own ancestors thrived. I've begun a formal training in Europe and hope to continue learning from the shamanic practitioners I met there; not only has the recent work re-connected me to the power of my blood lineage, but it's also re-connected me to an archetypical part of my identity that I hadn't been consciously nourishing.

And finally, I am thankful beyond words for my most reverent teacher: my Beloved. Our relationship is a continual, sacred dance...and the most transformative spiritual practice I've ever had. 

A Final Note

Although the process of transformation 
can involve radical intensities, peak experiences, and being pushed to your limits, it doesn't need to. In fact, the inner-alchemical process of luminous transfiguration is often quite gentle, loving, and nurturing. Generally speaking, I take the latter approach with my clients as it allows for a safer psychological setting, more stability, a more sophisticated refinement & cultivation of the client's qualities, and less risk of the client "getting lost" in novel experiences and new techniques. I also encourage my clients to remain cautious of trending spiritual modalities, belief structures, and sub-cultures that foster a limiting sense of group think. The less attached you are to any particular ideology, the easier it is for you to dive deep into the unique process of your own evolution - a real evolution that involves vertical transformation, not just horizontal change. 

Thank you for taking the time to explore my site and offerings. It would bring me great happiness to serve you along your journey.

Spiritual Healer Las Vegas
Spiritual Healer Las Vegas
Life Coach Las Vegas
Isle of Skye, Scotland
Spiritual Healer Las Vegas

"We are all just walking each other home."
Ram Dass


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