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Go Only Where Your Spirit is Celebrated

Your spirit longs to celebrate…and be celebrated! Joy, gratitude, and love are essential vitamins for your spirit’s well-being. When you make the decision to go only where your spirit is celebrated, magical transformations will begin to take place in your world. People, environments, and experiences that are not aligned with your Divine purpose with swiftly fall away, and you will be blessed with a new reality filled with people, environments, and experiences that support your highest calling.


Make the choice to no longer accept the company of people who judge you harshly, disrespect you, or project negative restrictions upon your dreams. This may require you to spend less time with certain family members, friends, co-workers…or you may even decide to leave a long-term relationship.

Sound extreme? It is, but your personal evolution and your soul's sense of peace demand it. You must nurture your spirit with kind, uplifting individuals who move through life with soulful integrity. Who you surround yourself with plays an enormous role in cultivating your daily state of mind and inner balance.

Environment & Experiences

Choose to remain only in situations in which your spirit sings! This requires paying attention to the energetic quality of your physical environment (your home, the place you work, the places you go for entertainment) as well as the intentions held within each experience you are encountering. Your environment & experiences should feel light, expansive, open, full of love, and in flow with your calling. When this is the case, you are vibrating at a very high level - in prime territory for manifesting your dreams.

On the other hand, if your environment and experiences feel heavy, restricted, closed-off, doubtful, or full of fear, take the time to reflect upon the specific source of the negative feelings, and do what you can to eliminate the causes.

Everything Else You Ingest!

Every single thing you allow into your system affects you spirit. This includes food, music, news, information on the internet, books, magazines, everything. Remember everything ingested affects you on physical and energetic levels (which eventually affect each other.) You may or may not feel an immediate, dramatic consequence of ingesting smutty news, listening to angry music, or watching pornography, but the effects are there - to be felt, seen, and dealt with at some point in the future. It's best to be clear & clean from the start, rather than attempting to undue the damage down the road.

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