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Poem, Brazil, Mom's Mantra

Hi friends,

There is so much to share... and I'm in the process of writing stories about it! Stories & poems are my most favorite forms of expression.


On that note, the lovely publisher Muse Books invited me to include a poem in their collection "Musings." The full book will be out shortly, but for now, here is a link to my poem. I wrote it quite a few years ago while living in the South of France. It remains one of the favorite poems I've written.


In other news: for those of you who don't know, I recently embarked on an incredible journey to the wilds of Brazil, to participate in a gathering of indigenous tribes from the Amazon (and elsewhere in South America.) The experience was breathless for me, and I especially felt resonance with the beautiful healers, singers, and shamans from the Yawanawa tribe.

Through their songs, sacred ceremonies, healing plants, and felt connection to the land, spirits, and ancestors, my own spirit was enlivened and reconnected to the Source. I returned home with newfound focus and clarity - and immediately scheduled a return trip to Brazil for more intensive spiritual work and humble learning.


While speaking on the phone with my mom about Brazil, I shared with her one of the small (but important) realizations I had while I was there. One particular phrase struck a chord with her, and she said: "You need to record that for me as my mantra." So folks (and mama!) here it is in a 2-minute phone-video. Enjoy!

Many blessings,


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