• Jaclyn Costello

A Message Through the Medicine

The Medicine Man leaned over and whispered into my forehead.

“I want you to take yourself home now. Find a shrub or tree in your yard. Tell me when you get there.”

“I’m there,” I said.

“Good. Ask the tree this question: What does it take to be truly happy?”

I paused. I couldn’t believe the clarity with which I was seeing this tree. I’d just moved into a new house and wasn’t yet familiar with the living things sharing the property with me. But here it was - this bending tree, perfectly in sight in front of me. Every detail, every crease, every green and flittering leaf.

“Have you asked the tree?” the Medicine Man asked me. “Ask out loud.”

I asked the tree, “What does it take to be truly happy?”

I was embarrassed to tell the Medicine Man what the tree then said to me. After all the profundity and intensity of the night, the message I was now receiving felt so simple and silly. I giggled.

“Yes?” the Medicine Man asked again, “What does it take to be truly happy?”

“Be easy in the breezy,” I said.

Be easy in the breezy, the tree told me.

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