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12 Month Conscious Coaching Program for Men and Women Las Vegas

12 Months To
Total Transformation

Coming soon! This page & program are not yet complete, but you can take a peek at the short introduction below.

"I believe that all success begins with spreading your wings: 
believing in your Worth, trusting your Insight, Nurturing yourself, having a Goal, & devising a personal Strategy.
And then, even impossible dreams become real."

S. Augustine

SOAR is a system of self-exploration that aligns participants with truth, deep inner awareness, and a profound sense of peace. The program is designed to catalyze & support complete life transformation by nurturing the holistic nature of the human being.
Within the SOAR program, choose from three, unique, 12-month paths that include dedicated personal guidance, empowerment coaching, customized meditations, shamanic healing, intuitive counseling, and optional retreats. 

Because I am aware of the organic nature of personal evolution, none of the SOAR paths are rigid; we'll adapt & change our approach based on your specific needs, what you're working on during any given month, what you want to explore more deeply, where you want to move more swiftly, and what brings you the greatest sense of satisfaction and progress.

All paths may be taken individually or with a committed partner or spouse.

The three paths

Coming Soon!

Shamantic Healing Plant Medicine Las Veg


The virtual path

Shamanic healing, plant medicines, depre


The integrated Path

Couples Counseling Las Vegas.png


full immersion

12 Month Conscious Coaching Program for Men and Women Las Vegas

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12 Month Conscious Coaching Program for Men and Women Las Vegas

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