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Private Sound Therapy Las Vegas
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas.png

with Jessica Foutz & Jaclyn Costello

Sound Healing Las Vegas
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas
Private Sound Healing Las Vegas
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas Sound Therapy
Private Sound Therapy Las Vegas

The gentle pulse of our mother's heartbeat is the first sound we encounter as humans, while we are still in the womb. Much like a shamanic drumbeat, that heartbeat soothed us, nourished us, and resonated with the rhythm of our own newly-formed heart. After that, it was human voices that held us. Lullabies. Laughter. Our caretaker's words. The warmth of those sounds comforted us in a vast world that was still unfamiliar and daunting.
It was also the sounds of nature that welcomed us to the Earth. The birds. The wind. The rain. The stars. Yes, if you listened closely enough, the stars sounded like twinkling chimes. All of the natural world shared with us its melody - and we, too, contributed to that orchestra, as all beings contribute their rhythms. 

Sound creates movement; they go hand in hand. The rustling of a tree branch swaying in the wind, the soaring of the birds as they sing, the splattering of rain drops into abstract shapes on the windshield as you drive. And you, dancing, free and aligned with the song inside your heart, or to the beat of the bass, or to the rise and fall of the melody from your favorite song. Sound moves us as it moves through us.
Sound is sacred and believed by many spiritual traditions to be the catalyst of all creation. The old testament of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam states: 
"In the beginning, there was the Word," and that was all. In Hinduism, the word "Om" (AUM) is believed to be the primordial sound of creation - the original vibration of the entire universe, existing even before forms came into being. Aristotle and the Pythagoras discussed musica universlis, a philosophical concept regarding the movement of the celestial bodies and the divine music they created as they slowly twirled.
Whether the practice be ancient or contemporary, most spiritual traditions incorporate songs, musical instruments, mantras, dance, breath-work, or chants into their meditations and prayers. 

Because of its primordial, natural, resonant, poetic nature, sound is medicine for the soul. But not only is the soul affected by sound, so too are the mind and body. There is a science to sound therapy. When we are stressed, our body becomes flooded with hormones that make it difficult to self-soothe, access creative problem-solving skills, and make aligned choices reflective of our truths. One of the most powerful yet gentle ways to exit that discordant state is through sound. Our bodies respond so well to the vibrational frequencies of sound because there are 30 trillion cells inside us, and all of those cells are naturally vibrating at their own, innate frequencies. Cilia, the antenna-like structures on the surface of cells, respond harmoniously to specific healing frequencies; and then, quite therapeutically, our cells begin to produce nitric oxide to signal the surrounding muscles to relax. As the nervous system also becomes soothed, there is a deeper sense of ease throughout the body and mind, and we become better able to process our inner worlds with self-love, awareness, and clarity. We become more opened to our own deep wisdom found within. 

It is often helpful to arrive at a sound healing session with an intention or question in mind. During a short, opening meditation with cacao or tea, you will have the opportunity to plant that intention or question in your heart for further exploration during the healing; you may also choose to share the intention with us, so that we can hold it in our hearts while guiding you through the sound therapy session. 

Our intention is to create a safe, protective space in which you feel deeply cared for during your sound healing. We approach this work with great love and integrity, so whether your intention is to soothe past wounds, explore a meaningful question, connect with something larger than yourself, or simply relax and de-stress, you will be in good hands. 

Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas Sound Therapy
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas Sound Therapy
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas Sound Therapy
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas Sound Therapy
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas Sound Therapy
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas
Sound Healer Las Vegas
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas Sound Therapy
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas Sound Therapy
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas Sound Therapy
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas Sound Therapy
Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas Sound Therapy

Frequency + Intention = Healing

Benefits of sound therapy include:

*reduced stress
*deeper relaxation
*more creativity
*increased focus/clarity
*stabilized emotions
*decreased pain and inflammation 

*improved sleep
*increased energy/chi/life force
*boost in confidence
*increased blood flow
*soothing to nervous system

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

Nikola Tesla

Our sound healing sessions are guided by a combination of intuition, intent, and science. Because much of our experience & training follows shamanic lineages, the healing we offer will be reflective of those traditions. Specific instruments and medicine songs are chosen to bring unresolved feelings & energies to the surface for release or integration. We then work with the frequencies of your body to nourish you with fresh, pure, more "resonate" energies.

The musical
 instruments themselves have been consciously chosen from experienced artisans, medicine workers, and musicians, so that love & care were present even during the creation of the healing tools. For example, Jaclyn's drum was made for her by a humble medicine-man in Guatemala who uses the profits acquired from selling his instruments to help fund a small orphanage near Lake Atitlan. Each of the seven of Jessica's Himalayan singing bowls (made of seven types of metal, combined in the maker's smelting pot) were hand-crafted by spiritual artisans under the full moon in Nepal. Jessica's black locust branch flute was made by an artist in the Ukraine who wanders through foggy forests to where he feels most at peace, then carefully selects fallen branches to create flutes that reflect the ancient sounds of the forest and its inhabitants. The majority of our many instruments have unique creation stories and have been lovingly chosen by us to be part of this sound healing experience. 

You may chose to sign up for a private sound healing session with us, or you may sign up with a partner or friend. If you have received hapé from one of us in a previous session and would like to receive hapé during your sound healing, that can be arranged. Private sound healing sessions are 1.5 hours long (2 hours if with hapé) and require no preparation other than an open mind and open heart. 

Sound Healing - Sound Therapy Las Vegas

About Jessica, from Jaclyn

I met Jessica several years ago when she contacted me to facilitate a hapé ceremony for her (and five of her Goddess friends!) I'll never forget that first call between us, because I immediately felt there was something special about our connection that was likely to transcend the planned event.

The ceremony was held outside, at night, underneath the trees and stars. My assistant and I arrived early to prepare the circle, and not too long after we'd placed the finishing touches on the altar, Jessica arrived. I remember seeing her as Mother Mary - pure, holy, and maternal - without an ounce of darkness or selfishness. She was also quite humble and compassionate. I could speak for ages on her lovely qualities...

We became fast friends, and the friendship bloomed into a healing collaboration. At first we weren't exactly sure what direction we wanted to take our partnership (groups or private work? should plant medicines be involved? weekend retreats?) but we decided on private, shamanic sound healings because that modality felt most accessible, nourishing, safe, and gently powerful for those willing to open to the subtle realms within.

Thank you for being here. Jessica and I are so happy to be working together, sharing this offering with you. 


Jessica Foutz is an accredited sound therapist, singer, and energy healer. From a young age, she has used music as a form of healing, first on herself and then on others to help them reconnect with their divine essence. As a sound healing practitioner, Jessica has studied vocal performance, the medicine of sound, Usui/Tibetan Reiki, ego development, and the evolution of shadow resolution. The more Jessica understands the mind, body, and soul, the more compassion she has for each human being's unique healing process, and the better able she becomes to nurture & guide the transformation process of others, which she considers a true honor.


A theme in Jessica's life has been learning the concept of "alchemy" (of turning lead into gold, coal into diamonds) and how this metaphorically translates into a psychological map that can be used to navigate the internal world - transforming debilitating trauma into functional strength, and stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Jessica holds this approach within a tender awareness of the neurobiological effects that can come with enduring childhood trauma.


Jessica's husband and three children are a huge priority & driving force in her life, and they continue to provide her with valuable lessons on love, self-love, transformation, and being present in real-time. In fact, it was love for her husband that inspired Jessica to begin studying sound therapy in 2017, after her husband experienced a condition that threatened his life. He had sought help through MDs, Functional Neurologists, Therapists, and Yoga - and while each of these methods provided vital answers & solutions to his condition, none played as great a role in his recovery as: sound.


Specifically, it was the crystal singing bowls experienced during a Kundalini yoga class that made the biggest breakthrough on his path to healing. The slow, angelic, oscillation of the quartz bowls entrained his brain into the delta brainwave state, creating a deep sense of relaxation & restoration that set the stage for further healing. When Jessica noticed such positive effects, she surprised him with a set of crystal singing bowls for Valentine's Day and began taking classes on how to use them so she could provide him with the same positive effects that he'd experienced in class. Looking back on this time, Jessica and her husband both agree it was an incredibly powerful chapter in their lives that brought them even closer together. 

Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas

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Shamanic Sound Healing Las Vegas

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