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Additional Resources

Samples of Professional Short Documentaries,
Films & Commercials

Sample Documentary "Denali"

7 minutes 46 seconds

Sample Documentary "Sugar Coated"

10 minutes 52 seconds

Sample Short Film "Stray Dogs"

6 minutes 48 seconds

(click image to watch on Gorilla)

stray dogs.png

Sample Short Film "Meltdown"

6 minutes 8 seconds

(click image to watch on Gorilla)


Sample Short Film "Bad Peter"

8 minutes 56 seconds

(click image to watch on Youtube)

bad peter.png

Sample Commercial

1 minute 39 seconds

Sample Commercial

3 minutes, 10 seconds

Sample Commercial

30 seconds

Resources for Your Projects

Learn More about Various Documentary Styles Here

And Here

And Here

Below you will find a sample shooting script, a blank shooting script, and a sample screenplay page.

Sample Shooting Script.png
Blank Shooting Script.png
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