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Spiritual Life Coach for Men and Women Las Vegas
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The Following Reviews are from Yelp

"I contacted Jaclyn when my marriage was breaking apart. At that time, my wife and I had recently been to a clinical psychologist for marriage counseling, but we were unable to break the logjams of communication which existed in our marriage. I was desperately searching for something..anything..that might help to save our relationship, and her specialty in couple's coaching represented my very last resort. Jaclyn shocked us both, by calling within hours of receiving my email..on a Saturday morning. I could hear the caring in her voice immediately, for two people she had not even met. She spent an hour on the phone, first with me and then us both on speaker, and her soft listening style was punctuated with direct, simple questions. That phone call changed our downward-spiral trajectory, and starting us talking again after our long silence. By the time we met with her a few days later, we had already made significant progress. Over the course of our sessions together, she then helped us make much more. In everything she said, and in everything she did, she left an indelible imprint of positivity upon me, and in the most memorable way, reinforced it's awesome power. In the world of personal counseling, where everybody seems so impersonal, Jaclyn stands out before she even says a word."

Michael R.
Las Vegas


“Jaclyn is my life strategist and role model. She has a calming energy about her and can intuitively know what you need to overcome life’s little and big battles.”

Iris T.

Las Vegas


"...within a few weeks she had helped me regain my footing and joy for life. 
Jaclyn is truly dedicated to her clients and remarkably caring. She's been so encouraging and wise. I recommend her to all of the people I care about."

Jenne C.


"An amazing person. Got my wife and me back on track. A very honest real human. Thank you so much for all the help."

Ted S.

Las Vegas

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Thank you Notes and Words of Praise

a sampling of appreciation from clients


"If you want to be taken on a journey of re-generation, transformation - full transformation - come see her. She knows how to get deep inside your emotions, find out what you’re clinging to, what you’re still dependent on - she’ll get to the heart of that and torch it. Gone. Like that."


"You are the very example of benevolent use of power."

Christy L.
Las Vegas

"You are an amazing, soulful woman. Thank you for helping me re-claim my life and conquer an addiction that's been with me for decades. The loving, protective guidance you shared during our ceremony was something I've never experienced. I feel a new appreciation for my life after journeying with you. Thank you will never be enough."

T. D.

Las Vegas

"Beautiful Jaclyn... we've been wanting to write you for months, but we keep uncovering more revelations about the epic journey you guided us through so we keep adding more things to thank you for to the list. To start, C. and I cannot stop talking about how sincere and healing your presence was during the course of the ceremony. We've participated in dozens of medicine ceremonies before and have not received the gentle care and powerful healing that you shared with us in one evening. Your level of integrity is admirable and shows in the way you tended to us during our most vulnerable hours. That alone was transformative because it helped renew our faith in the goodness of hidden maestras like you who are the real, gosh-darn deal. Second, our relationship has evolved dramatically (in the best of ways) since that night, and we are both surprised that after being married to each other for 10 years, there were still new, deeper, wonderful places for us to discover within each other and our relationship. C. also wanted me to share that his work-life feels lighter and his funky depression has lifted. As for me, I want to thank you for showing me myself in a way I haven't seen myself in many years. I feel gracious and strong, and I wake up and meditate with those feelings every morning. Other things we want to thank you for: the medicine songs (wow), your angel-dog Samantha, how at home you made us both feel in your beautiful space, and your smile. We are forever thankful to have found you."

E. and C.

New York

"Hello, my dear Jaclyn! I wanted to send you a message to let you know how deeply grateful I am for the breathtakingly beautiful and intuitive ceremony I got to experience with you and your amazing assistant, Estefania. Words can not express the impact it has had on my life. I've spent a lot of time ever since in deep reflection about the beauty and art of what you do. You are like a paleontologist of the soul, unearthing what is deep and ancient. Yes, for the person seeking to be healed, you are also like a midwife guiding this part of them that feels so new to them...Your assistant was like a doula, providing nourishing support and encouragement as she pleaded with us to see who we really are and have always been. I was in awe of how her tenderly sweet, yet powerful essence radiated pure love that melted away any doubt of the truth she spoke to us. You compliment each other so incredibly..."

J. J.
Las Vegas

"Where to start? You have become instrumentally valuable to me and my boyfriend. After a handful of bad experiences with other therapists and coaches, I was a bit gun-shy, but you are unlike anyone we have worked with before, especially when considering the magnitude and depth of your understanding about the human spirit and about conscious relationships. We truly appreciate you and hope you continue to believe in us as much as we believe in you."


Emily K.

Las Vegas

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a compassionate and gifted healer. I feel liberated, grounded, and 'myself' again, after last weekend's meditation. Thank you for the heart-opening experience. What beautiful work you do."

Sophie C.


"I want to thank you for your contribution to my life and tell you how much I trust the role you play for me. You are unlike anyone I’ve ever met, and words don’t express how grateful I am for the way you’ve shifted my consciousness at such a deep and subtle level. I know in my heart you were placed on earth to touch and uplift the spirits of people like me."



"I can't thank you enough for the insights and wisdom you've provided over the last two years. Before I found you, I knew there was a better way to navigate my life and my company, but I couldn't put a finger on what needed to change inside me to set things in motion. Thank you for leading me to better understand my motivations and desires. I'm also still amazed at how intimately you understand an industry you never set foot in and are able to be my spiritual Wendy Rhodes when needed. You are truly a gifted woman. The relationship between my business partner and I has never been better, all tensions are at ease, and we continue to feel more passionate about the changes we are implementing. Thank you again, Jaclyn, for everything you've done for us."

D. B.
Las Vegas


"I wanted to reach out and say thank you for [the meditation] last night. You have such a beautiful soul. I wish we could clone you, as the world needs to be filled with people like you! Every time I'm around you, I feel this strong, loving vibration... and the vibration in your house is unbelievable. I just wish every place felt like that."

Las Vegas


"You listen with your heart."




"I'm so happy to have you in my life. I can't believe I found you and how instrumental you have been since I stepped over the line. I hope

I know you for a very long time.”


Carmel, CA

“You’ve been full of methods to transform my life. Thank you for that. I’m finally beginning to understand the rhythms of success. Despite having met my initial goals, I look forward to continuing to work with you throughout the years because I see no end to my potential growth, and I credit you with opening my eyes to that. I don’t think I’d be in such a content place if I didn’t have your support.”

Chris K.


“I would not have survived my divorce as gracefully as I did without you.”

Kristen L.


“We see you as invaluable to us. I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve heard this, but we mean it from our hearts. You’ve helped guide us back to each other.”

Ben & Sasha

Las Vegas

“You’re like the one who escaped from Plato’s cave and saw the real sun. Now you’re back down here trying to convince the rest of us that we’re just looking at shadows.”

Scott B.


“I just wanted to say thank you one more time. I can’t even describe this change I feel I’m going through. I have often felt so lost, like I don’t belong here, but speaking with you makes me realize that’s not true at all. I think you are one of the most beautiful spirits I have ever met. All of my sessions with you are impactful and I just wanted to share my appreciation for you. Thank you.”


Las Vegas

From Students
a sampling of anonymous reviews, posted at "Rate My Professor"

"I started my college experience with Costello and just took my last class with her. My best advice is to dive in with an open mind. Her classes - and her as a person - totally transformed me and my outlook on the world. She just exudes some kind of magic that goes way beyond regular intelligence, and she kind of brings that magic out of you too :)"

"Someone wrote in our final online discussion: 'I swear this particular class makes everyone's brains enter a higher level of consciousness...' and that about sums up Costello. She is brilliant, a great story-teller, soulful and FUNNY!"

"She is amazing!! Best discussions in this class. She really cares about you as a person not just as a student. I think she sets the bar high, but it feels like everyone reaches it because all her students love her and she brings out the best in them. She brought out a new side of me that I love. Also- the documentaries she shows are the greatest!!"

"This is what a college class should be!! I was challenged to say the least. Everyone should be required to take a class with Jaclyn. She is one of those rare people who understands mystical, brilliant things about life and is so passionate to share them with you. I admire her as a woman and a professor. This is the third class I've taken with her."

"Excellent professor. Best of the best. Take every class you can with her before some other planet recruits her for their more advanced civilization."

"This class opened my eyes to so many things I had no idea were part of this world. Not only events, people, and global tensions, but also entire ways of thinking and navigating my life. I feel like I've been sleep-walking until taking this class. This is what I had always hoped college would be. I wish more teachers were like Costello - just wowwww."

"Life changing teacher. She is simultaneously the most abstract, expansive, open-minded thinker - and also so grounded, relatable, and earthy. I feel like she pulls wisdom from a higher dimension and translates it into Earth language. If you're stuck in a box and unwilling to take a peek outside, this class may not be for you (but you need it!!) This is my fourth honors class with Professor Costello. If that doesn't give you a feel for my admiration of her, I don't know what else will. The only other professor I can even compare her to is Don Revell, the prophet-poet. They seem to be cut from the same cloth. She is DIVINE. So interesting, adventurous, great lectures, great writer, amazing."

"I really loved this class & Professor Costello. The material is fascinating, and unlike other courses I've taken, everything is 100% relevant to actual life. The Professor is genuinely nurturing of you as a whole human being, which was appreciated. She's also brilliant, so there's that. My favorite teacher, thank you..."

"I think the goal of education and that of a teacher is not to merely teach, but rather to cultivate and instill a sense of wonder and curiosity in students' minds. Professor Costello does just that. Look elsewhere if you just want an easy A. Take her class if you want to widen your perspective and have your mind blown."

"Brilliant mind. Beautiful soul. Take her... take her... take her!!!!"

"This class and professor are the GOAT!! My mind exploded every discussion we had. Take her for whatever class you can. You will not regret it."

"AMAZING. she is out of this world, her energy is unmatched. she can be a tough grader but its manageable. cares about the students. we have homework and some essays. she'll provide two grades for each essay, if you redo the essay, you get the higher grade. She is also very passionate about the subjects, truly has an amazing aura."

"I've never learned so many fascinating things about the world in such a fun and challenging class. She isn't the kind of professor who just learned from books. She lives an adventurous, fascinating life and understands things on a really deep level. She'll tell you wild stories that relate to what you're learning and make everything 'click.'"

"I loved this professor and this class. Somehow this class was the most challenging and most fun at the same time. Professor Costello is not your regular professor either. She is HILARIOUS and so intelligent and warm-hearted. I never felt intimidated sharing my thoughts in class. I learned more in this class than any other class I've ever taken."

"Best college class so far. I'll be taking more with her. Don't miss class because attendance and participation matter, but you won't want to miss anyway because she tells the greatest stories to tie everything you learn into the real world. Whenever my parents asked about school, I told them about this class. I think they want to sign up now lol."

"Nicest woman you'll ever meet. Creates very interesting conversation during class. She really makes you think. Definitely take her."

"ALRIGHT KIDS, Her essays are different. Think 'what's the meaning of life' type. If you can't ditch the usual rubric-specific academic style of writing, she's not a good fit. Speaking during class is 10% of your grade. I didn't, but my essays and journals got me an A anyways! She's truly an amazing professor, allow her to challenge your thoughts!"

"She's helped me so much in my life. Someone said 'this is a soul enrichment class' and I agree. Don't get me wrong, you'll learn all kinds of academic material, but there is something greater-and more subtle-in her teachings that can't be easily quantified. She's tapped into something eternally wise. I'd even call it holy if I wasn't a bio major :)"

"Take her!! Not your typical Honors English class where you just read, take quizzes, talk about the same lame themes. It's more of a 'full-immersion into the world & philosophies of each unit' class. Before finals we went to the desert & drank Moroccan tea & buried our group project. That is the flavor of Costello. Loved everything about the class."

"It takes a special kind of teacher for me to wake up in the morning excited to go to class. Prof Costello could teach ANYTHING and make it interesting - she's an incredible human who's mastered the art of extracting what's most important in any subject and presenting it in such a relevant way to your life, that you can't help but want to learn more."

"I transferred home to UNLV from an ivy league school (Columbia) & I find Costello more brilliant than my professors were there. I think anyone who says her 110/115 classes are unstructured or abstract just wants to be told what to think, and Costello is not that professor. She is a philosopher & expects a certain level of actual thought from you."

"She's kind of a force of nature. One of the other students in our class said she wanted to eat Professor Costello's heart to harness her powers (Uhhh she was joking but that's the kind of response this Professor gets.) I honestly feel like I'm a different person after experiencing this class."

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