there *IS* a place for
soul in the boardroom

Wealth & Soul are not adversaries

despite what you may have been told.

You CAN have it all:

A Big Heart

A Sound Mind

Financial Abundance


Jaclyn Costello

Empowerment Coaching, Conflict Mediation, and Tribal Alignment

for CEOs, Executives, & Start-Ups

Tel. 702.619.6219  Email jaclyn.costello@gmail

My primary gift is to nurture expansion: 

Growth of awareness, peace of mind, alignment, clarity, power. I partner with clients to provide strategies & support as they align the evolution of their professional enterprises with their deepest values and inner guidance. I am also available to work with your employees one-on-one, knowing that when each member of your team feels empowered and inspired, the entire organism thrives.

What's preventing you from creating the highest quality enterprise imaginable?
Here are some possibilities:


You lack clarity about what it is you really want

You are unable to distinguish between the feeling inside you that is pure, soul guidance vs. the voices in your head that are your cultural programming, your upbringing, your habits of thinking, and other extraneous noise


You lack meaningful reasons why what you want is important to you


You are missing strategies & support to help you grow


You have an internal or external conflict that is causing lack of alignment between your mind, emotions, intuition, & body (alignment of all these elements is key to moving forward most successfully)


You're feeling burnt out, stressed, uninspired, or stagnant


Another area of your life is suffering, and you're attempting to segregate that portion of your life from the rest of the reality you're building (that doesn't work in the long run; you'll never thrive at full capacity until all areas of your life are healthy and integrated)

You know what you need to do, but you're afraid to do it or lack the confidence

Whatever restrictions you believe are preventing you from creating your most ideal reality, I'm here to help you break through those limitations and achieve an entirely new level of well-being.

Background & Qualifications

I come from a hard-working Italian family in Chicago, and I’ve held on to my Midwestern roots even though I’ve come a long way from home. I’ve lived coast to coast in the States, as well as in Europe & Morocco; additionally, I've traveled to over two thirty countries, encountering a wide range of relationships, customs, & beliefs. Because of this, I hold an open mind, tons of empathy, and have seen which truths hold steady for individuals regardless of culture, status, or creed. This allows me to provide my clients with a wealth of resources and wisdom gained from lived experiences. I feel like I've crammed at least ten lifetimes worth of living into this life so far! Not to mention, I’m an ancient soul.


I have formally studied at New York University, in Aix-en-Provence France, and at the University of Las Vegas Nevada where I received my graduate degree. Upon completion, I was invited to teach in the UNLV Honors College, where I am currently a professor teaching multi-disciplinary seminars. To find out more about me, visit the About Jaclyn page. Or, continue scrolling down to view more pictures, a sampling of client testimonials, links to relevant blog articles, or to contact me.

For a Complimentary Introduction


From top left: 1) me with a DYNAMO powerhouse woman on a retreat, 2) in a European forest, 3) downtown, about to meet a client; Second Row
1) view from my home office balcony, 2) barefoot in the jungle! 3) the Yawanawa healers hold a special place in my heart (which is why I keep returning to Brazil) Bottom Row: 1) soul + power + an amazing workspace, 2) joyful business group, 3) Sound Bath + Hapé Meditation, 4) watching this fisherman in Guatemala brought me extraordinary peace.

Questions about the rest of the pictures on this page? Just ask! Most are clients, places I've traveled, or other photos from my personal life.


a handful of testimonials from clients


"I can't thank you enough for the insights and wisdom you've provided over the last two years. Before I found you, I knew there was a better way to navigate my industry, but I couldn't put a finger on what needed to change inside myself to set things in motion. Thank you for leading me to better understand my motivations and desires. I am also still amazed at how intimately you understand an industry that you never set foot in before. You are truly a gifted woman. The relationship between my business partners and I has never been better, all tensions are at ease, and we continue to feel more passionate about the changes we are implementing. Thank you again, Jaclyn, for everything you've done for us. We are deeply excited to work with you next quarter." D. B. Las Vegas

"You are the very example of benevolent use of power." ​ Christy L. Las Vegas

"If you want to be taken on a journey of re-generation, transformation - full transformation - come see her. She knows how to get deep inside your emotions, find out what you’re clinging to, what you’re still dependent on - she’ll get to the heart of that and torch it. Gone. Like that." ​ A.S. Melbourne 


"You’ve been charming and full of methods to transform my life. Thank you for that. I’m finally beginning to understand the rhythms of success. Despite having met my initial goals, I look forward to continuing to work with you throughout the years because I see no end to my potential growth, and I credit you with opening my eyes to that. I don’t think I’d be in such a content place if I didn’t have your support.” ​ Chris K. NYC 

"I want to thank you for your contribution to my life and tell you how much I trust the role you play for me. You are unlike anyone I’ve ever met, and words don’t express how grateful I am for the way you’ve shifted my consciousness at such a deep and subtle level. I know in my heart you were placed on earth to touch and uplift the spirits of people like me." ​ M.B. Chicago

"Where to start? You have become instrumentally valuable to our company, on the most meaningful of levels. The group continues to request a day retreat with you (they don't shut up about it) so it's time we schedule that. I will admit, after a handful of bad experiences with business consultants and performance coaches, I was a bit gun-shy, but you are nothing like anyone we have worked with before, especially regarding the magnitude and depth of your understanding about all areas of life and how they weave together so integrally. Thank you for the sincerely powerful ways you have adjusted the course of this company's growth. We all appreciate you and hope you continue to believe in us as much as we believe in you." Emily K. Las Vegas

“Jaclyn is my life strategist and role model. She has a calming energy about her and can intuitively know what you need to overcome life’s little and big battles.” ​ Iris T. Las Vegas

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