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Success and Power (without the stress!) 3 Tips to help you Lead

I know this much is true: you’re a pioneer. Individuals like you who are always seeking out new ways to take your life (and the lives of those around you) to the next highest level of well-being are bright, successful, reflective, and make great leaders.

Even so, we can all use encouragement from time to time to help us maintain the clarity of mind & steadfastness of spirit necessary to lead our families, business, communities… or to simply lead ourselves! Here are three of those gentle reminders:

Start out the day the right way

What you do the first 30 minutes upon waking is vital to your day’s success. I highly recommend setting intentions, a gratitude meditation, a daily affirmation, cuddling with your partner (or dog!) working out, or another positive, healthy ritual that doesn’t involve checking e-mails or rushing around with a cup of coffee in hand.

An example of a positive morning ritual: as soon as you wake up in the morning, imagine that you already are the person you long to be. Do this by imagining that 1) you already have everything you’ve been working so hard to obtain, and 2) you already embody all the qualities you most admire in others. Want to have unlimited confidence and composure in every situation? Poof. It’s granted! Is your goal to have X amount of money in the bank so you can finally feel ‘secure’? Poof. You have the cash. How about a sense of peace in regards to where your life is heading? Poof again!

Imagining yourself as the person you already long to be will help you perform better in stressful situations throughout the day & will move you closer to your goals & dreams. Remember: it’s not enough to say the words alone (i.e. you can’t simply utter “I am confident” & expect it to be so), you must also take on the deep, internal feeling of confidence from within.

The 50/50 Rule

Every situation is divided into the part you CAN control and the part you CAN’T. Seems simple, but passionate souls and perfectionists alike have a difficult time releasing their emotional & psychological involvement from projects, challenges, and people they care deeply about.

Remember: It’s important to allow yourself to internally detach from situations that are beyond your control. Once you’ve done all you can in any given scenario, step back, take a deep breath, and move on with ease knowing there is nothing more you can do.

The Holy Trinity

We sometimes have the tendency to bi-polarize our thoughts. (i.e. we tend to think in two, often opposite or conflicting, extremes.) This is as limiting as only acknowledging black and white, while in reality the world is full of colors.

When dealing with a challenging situation, try to recognize at least three perspectives other than your own. This also works well when looking back to determine exactly why or how something occurred. For example, say you hired a team of individuals to complete a job for you. The job went horribly wrong from your point of view, and now you are livid. The team you hired, however, is proud of the work they completed, and they expect a prompt payment.

Before you get frazzled, angry, or defiant, recognize at least three perspectives other than your own. Perhaps one of the perspectives is from a member of the team you hired - and another perspective is from an uninvolved party. Or perhaps you imagine what your own outlook on the situation would have been five years ago…or what your own outlook will be five years from now. Get the picture? Good! After you’ve seen the situation from at least three points of view, you will be better able to determine the next best step.

Remember: When we’re stressed or overwhelmed, we tend to take things personally. So before making any major decisions, check yourself against alternative perspectives. I wish you the very best!


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