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Six Questions to Find Your Life Purpose or "Dharma"

Hello! I’m going to share an exercise that struck home with me recently in hopes that it does the same for you. I must give credit where it’s due: author David G. Arenson’s article on Dharma in Mind, Body, Green was the source of inspiration for this blog post. Thank you, David!

Okay, here we go…

What is Dharma?

Dharma is a Buddhist concept based upon the idea that everything is whole and complete, as it is. There are no accidents in this universe… including you! You are here for very purposeful reasons, even if they aren’t yet clear to you.

You have a personal Dharma that is being fulfilled - your Dharma is what you’re meant to be. When you are living in your Dharma, you are living your true purpose and soul’s callings. You are living the way you are meant to be. You can think of Dharma as “your path” or “the way." When one lives in his or her Dharma, only then is he or she is able to reach full potential.

This is extremely important to remember: in order to reach your full potential, you must be living in your Dharma.

You know you are in your Dharma when you cannot possibly think of anything else in the world you’d rather be doing. So, how do you find your Dharma? Are you already living it?

Try meditating on these questions; it’s what I did, and I was brought to tears…

Questions for Reflection

1) Do you already have an idea of what your Dharma may be?

2) Where did you find it? Or, where have you looked?

3) How would you live differently if you knew your days were numbered?

4) Which people do you admire the most and why?

5) What are your most dear memories?

6) When do you remember having the most fun in your life?

The exercise is very simple, but that doesn't mean it isn't an amazing exercise for clarity. It's only our frazzled mind that thinks something must be complicated in order to reveal the Truth. Sit with those questions and see what comes to the surface for you. Perhaps you are surprised at how aligned you already are with your Dharma. Or perhaps it's the opposite and you'd like some help re-aligning with who you are meant to be. That's why I'm here - to help you align within your full power and live your best possible existence on Earth.

Many blessings.

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