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Podcast: How to Live an Intuition-Led Life (a Primal Happiness Podcast, featuring me!)

To listen, click the image above, then click the PLAY button.

I couldn’t be more excited to share this podcast episode with you. The lovely Lian Brook-Tyler of Primal Happiness invited me for a talk about intuition. Lian, along with Jonathan Wilkinson, created Primal Happiness to uncover “the fundamentals required to reclaim our primal state of happiness and our innate ability to thrive.”

As Lian states in her introduction to the episode featuring yours truly:

In this show we’re talking about the juicy topic of intuition. What it is, how we can listen to it, how we can get more of it showing up in our lives, and what we can do with what it tells us! In other words, how we can live our most congruent, aligned, and heart-centred lives.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

*We all have intuition and it’s like a muscle that the more we use it, the stronger it gets. Find ways to get space for intuition into your life.

*It’s a choice: Check out or check in. Nearly everything in life is a choice and we have such creative power when we’re aware of the choices we’re making.

*Sometimes our intuition tells us something we really don’t like and are scared to act upon. It’s helpful to remember that that tension is what something new can be created from.

It was a true honor to be on this show (and it was tons of fun as well!) I hope you enjoy the episode.


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