Peace of Mind

“A new world is only a new mind.”

 William Carlos Williams


You are much bigger and far greater than your thoughts alone. Many people forget that & instead identify so strongly with their thoughts that they create psychological prisons filled with fears, un-true beliefs, & egoic desires. Then, they sentence themselves to live within that limited reality.


Personal Expansion


As writer-philosopher Tom Cheetham brought to the foreground of my consciousness years ago: it’s been a long time since many of us have really experienced the world. Instead, we experience a constriction of it, a selection of it, a lack of breadth and depth. We step out cautiously checking ourselves against ‘what is allowed’ and ‘what is known’.

We throw a world out ahead of ourselves and move safely into it. We have found our way into a closed world and mistaken it for infinity.


Some of my favorite ways to move beyond my mind and experience dramatic perception shifts include: traveling, open-hearted conversations with compassionate human beings, entering higher states of consciousness via meditation, sacred ceremonies, music & dance, Kundalini yoga, mystical sohbet with a Beloved, reading spiritual texts & poetry, surrounding myself with highly evolved beings (animal versions, too!) and spending time in Nature…in forests, near waterfalls, at the base of snowy mountains, or under the stars.

One of my favorite mountains, along with my favorite star system. Both are my home. My friend

Lubosh took this picture of Mt. Adams for me and combined it with a picture from NASA.

The Mind Funnel

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

- W.B. Yeats


There is magic for you to experience in the world every moment. Move your mind out of the way and see! If you've forgotten how to live that freely, don't worry... we'll get you back. Yes, back. Your natural state is freedom. And that begins with freedom from the pre-conceived, ossified, systems of belief you have about yourself and the world. Once that mind-gunk is clear, the magic awaits, naturally.


But don't I need my mind? Yes, you need your mind. At the most basic level, your mind helps filter Ultimate Reality. Without that funnel, you would be bombarded by a bewildering, unexplainable, multi-dimensional overload. You would run the risk of death by astonishment! The Light, so to speak, would blind you. As well, we live in a physical world that requires practical interactions within our culture, as well as a bit of organization to keep our 'civilized' lives rolling along.

And though one of the goals of any Truth-seeker’s journey is to widen the funnel and continually take on more & more of unfiltered Reality, there remains a necessity in cultivating a healthy & focused mind because - at the highest level - the mind is a beautiful, powerful tool that can be used to help us evolve. Language, for one, is a tool of the mind that helps us articulate & understand Reality; think of all the world-changing books, speeches, letters, and sermons that have influenced humanity. Though the men and women behind those works may have been Divinely inspired, each of them called upon their mind to help assist in delivering their message.

As helpful and powerful as the mind can be, never forget: your mind is merely a part of you, just as your hand, foot, or arm is just a part of your larger body.


Imagine if you had no control over your arms? What if they flailed around wildly knocking over cups of teas and shattering picture frames? What if they grabbed strangers unexpectedly and got you into all sorts of trouble? This is the current state of many people’s minds! Completely out of control.

States of Mind


For many human beings a ‘normal’ state of mind is madness. Rather than having their minds remain dutifully on call to work for them when needed, people allow their minds to do whatever they please, whenever they please. In India it is said, “the mind is maya” meaning delusion. Buddhists refer to the mind as "dukkha" which translates as suffering or misery. The great novelist Mark Twain once wrote, "I've been through a lot of horrible things in my life… some of them actually happened.” 


Our mind has the powerful ability to create emotional varied emotional states within our bodies. When we over-think or think harmful thoughts, we are creating negative emotions that attack our bodies at the cellular level. Here are the worst offenders: Fear, Hate, Worry, Anxiety, Bitterness, Impatience, Greed, Unkindness, Disappointment, Shame & Resentment. The neurons in our brains can’t tell the difference between real and imaginary experiences. They register frequent use patterns of perception that then influence our succeeding perception. Translation: humans have the unique ability to suffer through imaginary possibilities. 

I understand the struggles many humans have with their over-active minds. As a bright & creative individual, I have a vivid imagination, and, as one of my good  friends says, “a big engine under the hood.” So gaining control of my mind has been a true adventure! Today, I am grateful to be able to keep my mind ready & aware, yet capable of moving into silence when I need it to. I help my clients do the same - when they want to think, they can; when they don’t want to think, they move into the space of non-thinking.

I encourage my clients to always ‘remain the witness’, watching the mind. Smile and wave as the thoughts go by. They are not a permanent part of you; they are just passing through. And remember not to internalize any harmful information that enters from the outside. When someone plants a negative thought-seed in your mind, immediately un-plant it. Imagine a bird carrying it away. Imagine a caring, old Grandfather sweeping your mind clean with a broom. Say to yourself, "I release that thought."


Whatever image or mantra works for you, the goal is to get rid of that seed! It will not grow unless you nurture it. The same holds true for negative thoughts you create about yourself. Remember: only if you grant power to something can it have power over you.

The mind is like a diamond. It can cut through anything.

As we work together, I'll share meditation techniques to help keep you present and at peace during your regular, daily life. I'm also available to guide you through specialized shamanic meditations, Tibetan & Zen Buddhist meditations, or a Yoga Nidra relaxation session. All energy work and meditations can be scheduled for my in-home healing space, or out in nature. Contact me below for details, or continue exploring my site!

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