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The sessions below can be used for Empowerment Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, Couples Counseling, Yoga Nidra Meditations,
and Ayahuasca prep/integration. Further down the page, you'll see the options for Shamanic Healings, Sacred Sound Ceremonies, and Hapé Ceremonies.

Packages of six sessions are offered at a 15% discounted rate, and packages of twelve sessions are offered at a 20% discounted rate;
I've chosen this structure to make longer, deeper commitments more affordable.

When you're ready to sign up, click the gold "PayPal or Credit Card" link to be taken to PayPal's secure site where you will enter the amount for the session/package. Or, you may choose to pay via Venmo/Cash in person. If you're purchasing a package and would prefer to have a formal invoice e-mailed, let me know, and I will send you an invoice that you can then pay using PayPal or a credit card (independent of a PayPal account.)

Individual session

PayPal  or Credit Card - $180
Cash or Venmo - $150

1 hour long

Individual session
package of six

PayPal or Credit Card- $900
Cash or Venmo - $780

1 hour long each

individual session
package of twelve

PayPal or Credit Card - $1,720
Cash or Venmo - $1,440

1 hour long each

Couples Session

PayPal or Credit Card - $270
Cash or Venmo - $220

1.5 hours long

couples session
package of six

PayPal or Credit Card - $1,380
Cash or Venmo - $1,140

1.5 hours long each

couples session
package of twelve

PayPal or Credit Card - $2,600
Cash or Venmo - $2,160

1.5 hours long each

The following offerings are separate from regular sessions:

Private sacred sound or hapé ceremony

Together with Jessica Foutz

1 person, 2 hours
PayPal or Credit Card - $350

Cash or Venmo - $300

Group sacred SOUND
hapé ceremony 

Together with Jessica Foutz
(for 2-6 people)

Our group sound healings range from 2.5-4 hours, depending on the number of participants & whether or not hapé is being served. The price is $375-900 Contact us for details!

Shamanic Healings

Energetic Clearings, Compassionate Depossesion, and other Shamanic Work

In select cases: together with Jessica Foutz

Private, 2.5 hours
PayPal  or Credit Card - $440

Cash or Venmo - $375

In certain cases, extra time may be needed, requiring an additional fee. We will discuss your specific situation before you schedule your healing, so you know what to expect. 

Spiritual Guidance Las Vegas

Where are sessions held?

You have options. Typically, clients prefer to meet in my home (which is my mini sanctuary!) Depending on the nature of our session, we'll meet either in my meditation room, home office, group gathering space, or in my partner's Buddhist meditation space. 

I am also happy to offer phone, WhatsApp, and Zoom sessions if you're located outside of Las Vegas, or have health concerns, or live locally but don't wish to drive to the Northwest/Summerlin area. I believe that finding the best match should take priority over geographical proximity, so if you feel a resonance with me, I encourage you to move forward regardless of your physical location. I work with clients all over the world. 


Is my information confidential?
Your information, correspondence, and our private conversations will remain 100% confidential and safely guarded. If I am also working with your romantic partner, business associate, friend, or family member, the information shared privately with me by one party will never be shared with the other party, unless you give me permission to share it. 

Do package sessions expire? 

No, sessions never expire. If you purchase a package, you're welcome to use the sessions as frequently or sporadically as you deem necessary. However, the more consistent and committed you are to this process, the more pleased you are likely to be with the results. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Please arrive (or be at your phone/computer) promptly at the scheduled time to obtain your full session. If you arrive at my home early, please wait in your car until your scheduled time. Though I never schedule clients back to back, I do like to have some time between sessions so I can clear myself and the space, re-center, then present myself to the next client from a place of newness, freshness, and vitality. In other words: I want to be ready for you!

If you need to reschedule your session, please let me know at least two days in advance. I prepare and set aside time devoted exclusively for you, so unless cancelled 48 hours in advance, you are responsible for the time reserved. If you must reschedule due to illness or an emergency, notify me as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration!

How do you categorize the therapy/healing you offer?

Because I am not a medical doctor or clinical psychologist, I will not provide a medical diagnosis; nor do I work with clients who have severe psychological disorders. If, during our sessions, there are deeply-rooted issues that need examination & healing before we move on, I am happy to explore those issues with you - but if at any time I feel that you require care from a licensed health care practitioner, I will help find someone who can best serve your needs. 

I created the image below in attempt to visually explain my offerings. The three points of the pyramid are the three, main modalities I integrate into sessions, depending on what you require at any point during our relationship. I'm observant and respectful of where each individual or couple feels safe, and I will never suggest a modality outside of your safety zone. As well, b
ecause I am aware of the organic nature of personal evolution, my over-arching approach is not rigid; we'll adapt & change our sessions based on your unique needs.

shamanic healing
& resurrection

Shaman Las Vegas

traditional therapy
& counseling

mindfulness techniques
& intuitive guidance 

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