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My primary gift is to nurture expansion: growth of awareness, peace of mind, love, spirit, power, intuitive guidance, creative capacity... Nothing is more satisfying to me than helping people make breakthroughs to understand themselves and the world around them more deeply. What you choose to do with that newfound clarity is up to you, but I will say this: once you awaken the part of you that is able to perceive beyond the illusive veils, it is nearly impossible to turn that insight off again. So, be ready.

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I’m no stranger to transformation myself. My life has been a series of deaths and re-births. I love what the Sufi Saint & poet Rabia wrote - “I died a thousand times before I died.” Yes. Me too. Sometimes at the cellular level…other times, it was a portion of my ego dissipating, or old habits and mindsets that were no longer serving my highest development. Do I have it all figured out? Of course not. As one of my dearest clients says, “It’s a process.” But I do know I’ve devoted my life to climbing the mountain of Truth/Self-discovery/Cosmic Mysteries, and if you, too, feel called to forge a path up that beautiful mountain, I would be honored to be your guide.

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Shamanic Guidance, Spiritual Life Coach Las Vegas, Relationship Counselor, Jaclyn Costello, Meditation Guide, Energy Healer
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Background & Qualifications

My background in Spiritual Guidance & Counseling evolved over years of intensive shamanic work & one-on-one mentorships with intuitive therapists, accomplished spiritual teachers, and indigenous medicine men & women who shared their ancient, healing modalities with me. Two of my initial teachers were Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey, both of whom helped awaken the healer inside me. Further down the road, I encountered my sacred medicine guides, whose continued presence in my life is most beloved. I am also grateful for my relationships with the Yawanawa family/tribe of Amazonian Brazil, and with the dear Sufi mystic who I studied under in France and credit with first activating my qalb - the innermost heart.  

I come from a hard-working family in Chicago, and I’ve held on to my Midwestern roots even though I’ve come a long way from home. I’ve lived coast to coast in the States, as well as in Europe & Morocco, and have traveled to nearly forty countries. Not only has this exposure shaped me into an adaptable, open-minded, human being with tons of empathy, but because I've encountered such a wide range of relationships, customs, and beliefs in both my personal & professional lives, I've seen which truths hold steady for individuals regardless of culture, status, or creed - and this allows me to provide those I’m counseling with a wealth of resources and wisdom gained from lived experiences. I feel as if I've crammed at least ten lifetimes worth of living into this life so far! Not to mention, I'm an old, old soul.


I've formally studied at New York University, in Aix-en-Provence France, and at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I received my graduate degree. Upon graduation, I was invited to teach in the UNLV Honors College where I am currently an Associate Professor teaching multi-disciplinary seminars. You can learn more about these aspects of my life, including my writing, on my sister site: JaclynCostello.com.

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Existence Awes Me


As a little girl, I remember wondering why I'd been sent down to Earth and asking questions like, “Where did we come from before we were in this world?” and “What if there had never been anything at all? There wouldn’t even be darkness, because even darkness couldn’t exist.” I would lay in bed at night trying to imagine nothing. The impossibility of the thought made me shudder. I once left a notebook in the kitchen for my mom to find; it was filled with inquiries about God, suffering, the Universe, & the unfathomable emptiness. Perhaps even more surprising: it was also filled with answers that I'd received from a mysterious presence in the stars - a presence that spoke with me telepathically and guided me (it continues to do so today!) My mom was a bit worried about the contents of the notebook but eventually helped me type up the conversations on our old typewriter.


My curiosity and desire to understand 'how things really are' has propelled me through a life of experimentation, adventure, and meditative contemplation. I’ve always felt things deeply, at a soulful level, and asked questions about reality to myself & others. Those questions often lead the people around me to reflect & feel more deeply, too. This has been my natural state for as long as I can remember.​ I hold very few beliefs. Rather, I identify with the path of a mystic - requiring direct, felt, known experiences with the Divine. As part of my work on this path, I’ve been blessed with magical, humbling, indescribably beautiful (sometimes terrifying) spiritual awakenings. I’ve also struggled through my share of dark nights of the soul; the dawn is always worth the night, & the revelations received are pure, energizing, nourishing nectar for the spirit. 

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Shamanic Guidance, Spiritual Life Coach Las Vegas, Relationship Counselor, Jaclyn Costello, Meditation Guide, Energy Healer
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How This is What I’m Meant to Be

Although I didn’t know it along the way, I’ve been preparing myself for this profession my entire life. Over the years, I’ve been offered opportunities to pursue careers as a creative director, a television personality in the UK, and a $200,000 a year public speaker for a well-known travel company. As appealing as each of these offers sounded at the time, and while there was never anything wrong with the opportunities themselves, each offer was made while I was in the midst of some other life lesson that felt more sincere to me. I’ve never been able to lie to myself about who I really am or what feels authentic to me, and I’ve never looked back and wished I’d followed a path that wasn’t my own.

Over the years, my life's purpose has revealed itself to me as three things: 1) studying the science & spirituality of expanded states of consciousness (which is to say, exploration of the world, of Love, and of the far reaches of the human condition) 2) expressing what I know through stories and poetry 3) helping others become empowered in their own lives, ease their suffering and fears, reach their greatest potential, create loving relationships, and embrace peace of mind.


When all is said and done, I can’t take credit for anything. I continue to fall to my knees in awe & reverence of the Divine Mother and the many ways she activates each human's natural healing abilities. May I lead you to the healer within yourself, and help connect you back to the Source.

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How I Categorize the Therapy/Healing I offer

I created this image to visually explain my offerings to you. The three points of the pyramid are the three, main modalities I integrate into my sessions. Whether you're working with me one-on-one or as part of a couple, you will be offered elements of all three modalities during our time together. Having said that, I'm quite observant of where each individual or couple is most comfortable, and I have no desire to push you out of that zone unless you request it. So, if you prefer that we lean more heavily toward one or two of the three modalities, our journey together will do just that!

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Shamanic Guidance, Spiritual Life Coach Las Vegas, Relationship Counselor, Jaclyn Costello, Meditation Guide, Energy Healer