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Hapé Ceremonies Las Vegas
Shamanism Las Vegas Jaclyn Costello Meditation
Shamanism Las Vegas Jaclyn Costello Meditation
Plant Medicine Ceremony Las Vegas

Ceremonies & Sacred Meditations have been part of the human experience for tens of thousands of years. They are no less powerful today than they were when performed by our ancient ancestors, underneath the stars. These rites of passage and holy rituals satisfy our longing for spiritual communion, personal & collective healing, and a reverent, intimate understanding of our place within the primordial universe. To participate in such an experience is to dedicate oneself to the mysterious adventure of continual awakening.

The use of plant medicines is one of many ways to connect with your inner guidance and explore the vastness of human consciousness. I've worked with an array of entheogens over the course of my life, including Ayahuasca, Wachuma, Peyote, Hap
é, Psilocybin, Chiric Sanango, and Iboga. When used for sincere, integral purposes - and with the proper guidance and care - plant medicines can help you examine, heal, release, or integrate problematic emotions & perceptions, re-align with your authentic self, gain clarity regarding your soul’s purposes, open your heart, dissolve your ego, connect with your intuition, and acknowledge or catalyze important transitions in your life. Many people report feeling "lighter" inside after a plant medicine ceremony, or, specifically with hapé, they describe a "grounded clarity."

Unlike the more fantastical/vision-producing plant medicines such as ayahuasca or psilocybin, hapé (also known as rapé or hapeh) is not a psychedelic. It is a legal mixture of dried Amazonian plants from various vines, seeds, bark, or flowers; a form of sacred tobacco is the most active ingredient. Hapé's energy is personified as masculine, benevolent, loving, and grandfatherly/wise/elderly. Indigenous tribes in South America use hapé to clear their energy, re-connect with the Earth, and center themselves. Hapé is a very "in body" experience; you will most likely not travel to alternative dimensions, dissolve into non-form, or view colorfully illustrated narratives from your life. Of course, if you are a seasoned meditator and/or have rich visions naturally, you may have such an experience when receiving hapé. However, hapé mostly keeps you centered in a very Earthly, present, human state of being. Why is that a good thing? Well, there is no risk of getting lost in the fireworks show, for one. It's also less likely that the messages you receive will be mis-interpreted because there is less "shock and awe" during a hapé meditation than during a psychedelic experience. I also find that the insights hapé leads us to are easier to immediately, practically integrate. Hapé is great at giving us "next step" guidance.

Having said all that, hapé can still kick your butt and is considered by South American tribes to be an extraordinarily powerful healer. The Yawanawa tribe of Amazonian Brazil consider hapé one of their most powerful master plants - just as powerful as ayahuasca but in a different way. The Yawanawa use hapé during ayahuasca ceremonies to restore balance and grounding, and to help participants avoid getting lost internally.

 is also a wonderful medicine to help you release and let go. During a hapé ceremony, you may suddenly begin to cry, sweat, or throw up. All of this is normal. The medicine is energetically clearing your system, and it's best to submit to the process. You may even have an awareness of what, exactly, is being cleared from your system when you purge (i.e. anxiety, doubt, self-hate, ego, attachments to an ex, past trauma, etc.)

It is said that the medicine always gives you exactly what you need.

Shamanic Healing Las Vegas
Hape Ceremony Las Vegas
Shamanic healing, plant medicines, depression & healing addiction Las Vegas
Shamanic Therapy Las Vegas
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Hapeh Ceremony Las Vegas
Shamanic Hapeh Ceremony Las Vegas
Sacred Shamanic Ceremony Las Vegas
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Plant Medicine Ceremony Las Vegas
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Shaman Las Vegas
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Shamanic Counseling Healing Las Vegas
Shaman Las Vegas

Receiving Hapé
If you've never worked with hapé, welcome to this initiation. The medicines I work with are legal mixtures of plants from either the Yawanawa, Huni Kuni, or Kuntanawa tribes in Amazonian Brazil. Most of them were received directly from the trusted medicine-men/women who created them, or given to me from close friends. This is important because the energy of the shaman/pajé who makes the hapé enters you when you receive the medicine, as does the energy of the individual serving the hapé (and the energy of the pipe, and the energy of the plants & plant spirits.) One of the most humble & powerful pajés I've worked with is Peu Yawanawa. You can see him in the picture below, with the beautiful headdress. I brought up a hearty supply of Peu's hapé last time I was in Brazil,
 so if you'd like to experience his medicine, you can. 

Hape Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremony Las Vegas

Hapé is a powerful aide for gaining clarity, subtly opening your third eye, cleansing, and grounding. I recommend setting an intention or planting a question in your soul just before receiving hapé. Then, during your hapé meditation, the answer may reveal itself to you. I offer hapé in a traditional fashion, using an eagle bone pipe (tepi) created by one of the first Yawanawa medicine women. In addition to the eagle bone, my tepi also contains a jaguar tooth and snake lots of powerful, jungle energy.

While I am loading the pipe, close your eyes & center yourself, focusing on your intention. You will feel the pipe against your heart as you receive a blessing, and then again against your forehead. Once I have pulled away, open your eyes, gently hold your breath, and guide the eagle bone into one of your nostrils. Be sure you are between breaths once the end of the tipi is in your nostril because, if you inhale, the medicine won't go up far enough, and if you exhale, it will go into my mouth. Once you've guided the tipi into your nostril, I will blow the medicine into your system and remove the tipi. Now, you can breathe normally. 

I suggest not focusing on the initial physical sensation of the medicine, which may include a mild burn in the back of your head or sinuses. Instead, feel the energy of the hapé moving up to your mind, clearing & opening. Feel the healing energy of the medicine move throughout your entire energetic system, clearing & opening. As mentioned, you may need to spit into a tissue, blow your nose, cry, or purge (into a nearby bucket.) Don't try to hold it in; this will delay the healing process and lead to a queasy feeling. If you are receiving hapé as part of group ceremony, don't feel bad about purging in front of the other participants. As much as your process is a personal experience, it is also a shared/collective healing, and everyone is here to support you. If you need to use the restroom but feel light-headed, ask me or my assistant to help you before you try to move.

A final logistical note: I strongly suggest that you fast for at least four hours prior to your hapé meditation. Water is perfectly fine to drink, but some people find that: food + hapé = a less than pleasant experience, so please refrain from eating beforehand. 

I have a powerful alliance with hapé, and I look forward to sharing the spirit of this healing plant with you.

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