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The world tells you to be a warrior. To produce, thrive, succeed, conquer, create a legacy. Be a guide for your brothers. A role model for your children. The captain of the ship. A mentor for your team. Stay strong, protective, heroic, full of might. The shining leader of the entire enterprise! Keep going. Don’t rest. Don’t show an ounce of vulnerability. Wait - it's 2021. Now in addition to all those manly attributes you also MUST show your vulnerability. Your gentleness. Your tender care. Your nurturing, feminine qualities. But not too much. Just enough. That's what 'being a man' now means. Got it?


Probably not. All these expectations can get pretty confusing. 


At times, you may find it difficult to follow your more subtle callings - the urges that stir quietly in your soul when no one else is watching. You want to follow those. You seek true inner power. Peace of mind. Time to explore your curiosities. Perhaps you’ve pushed these desires aside to focus on building a worldly empire. Or to take care of your family. Or perhaps you were taught that desires like those were impractical or selfish, so you never learned how to listen to your inner callings. 

How Can I Help Guide You?


• Reduce your stress levels & settle into a more peaceful mindset

• Recognize and overcome the barriers holding you back from greater success

• Get in touch with your authentic values, then begin to create a life reflective of those values

• Build and maintain strong, exciting, authentic, loving, passionate relationships

• Open up, loosen up, realize you’re most incredible when you are yourself

• Move forward after a difficult break-up or divorce

• Deepen and develop your spirituality
• Connect & communicate with your intuition (because this helps everything)

• Let go of beliefs, habits, and mindsets that are not supporting your highest development

• Overcome your doubts and fears

• Become a more effective leader

• Eliminate anger issues; learn to forgive yourself & others

• Build more self-confidence and self-trust

• Reduce conflicts in the workplace or in your personal life

• Align with your soul's purpose(s) & live a spiritually rich, full, satisfying life

Conscious Business Coach Las Vegas - Life Coach for Men
Conscious Business Coach Las Vegas - Life Coach for Men
Conscious Business Coach Las Vegas - Life Coach for Men

I’m a big fan of what Tony Robbins says about empowerment coaches:

“Coaches work like personal trainers: if you really wanted to improve your body and you had the money, time, and inclination, you’d hire a personal trainer. Your trainer would be able to target trouble zones, motivate you in the gym, push you when you were thinking of skipping a day, and teach you how to maintain the results you worked so hard to achieve. This same idea holds true with a life coach. If you really want to improve your life, you need to find someone outstanding who can help you produce lasting results.”

Successful people are not afraid to invest in themselves, just as they would see the importance of investing in their business if they wanted it to flourish. They understand the importance of continual self-growth, and they know that the clarity, focus, and confidence they gain while working with a guide will help accelerate their lives. 


Maybe you think you should be able to figure it out on your own. It’s hard to ask for help when you’re used to being the one who fixes everything. Yet without calling in some reinforcement, you will still be feeling the way you do today, next week, next month, and next year. Don’t delay transforming your life if you know something needs to evolve.

At this point, you know how quickly time can fly, and though I’m sure you’ve had your share of challenges, you realize it’s not good to stay stuck complaining or feeling hopeless. It’s time to change your life, right here, right now. You can be in the best shape physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at any age. In fact, now is the perfect time to give it all a shot. When we talk, I’ll guide you to reflect upon what’s been working for you so far, what lifelong dreams you’re finally ready to pursue, and how you can best turn those dreams into reality. After this process, you’ll be able to move forward with more knowledge, authenticity, confidence, and courage.

Conscious Business Coach Las Vegas - Life Coach for Men
Mountain Biking by the Lake
Conscious Business Coach Las Vegas - Life Coach for Men
Conscious Business Coach Las Vegas - Life Coach for Men



Do you feel as if you carry the weight for your entire relationship, family, or company?
• Or, do you know you could be giving much more to your relationship, family, or company?

Did you put your spiritual life on hold to achieve ‘success’ then discover you’re not as joyful about life as you imagined you’d be?

Do you react with knee-jerk actions that you later regret?

Are you constantly worried about money/failure?

Do you push off your intuition in exchange for what's comfortable, easy, makes the most money, or looks good from the outside? 

Do you believe that all conflicts are ultimately your fault?

Is your health less than ideal?

Do you feel stuck or stagnant in any area(s) of your life?

How are your verbal intimacy skills?

Do you choose to date women who are the best possible match for you, or do you struggle in this area?

Do you lay in bed at night re-playing the events from the day?

Do you feel aligned with your true purpose(s) or have you built a life that satisfies everyone around you but you?

Do you feel weak if you ask for help?

Do you compare yourself to other men as a standard of success?


If any of this sounds like you, it may be time to step back, slow down, and re-consider your approach to life. Get in touch with me to work on ways to maintain your ambitions without letting them affect your peace of mind, your health, your soul's true callings, and your integrity as a man (or as a human being, for that matter!) 


Remember: you have just one, precious life to live in your current consciousness... I want you to live it as fully & richly as possible and to become everything you are meant to be, so when you look back on your life as an old man, you'll feel satisfied, proud, joyful, loved, and blessed to have lived such an incredible life and to have lived up to your fullest potential.

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