For Women 


The Universe is at play. Divine Play. And you are a part of it. Many women have lost touch with this natural, powerful way of being and have forgotten we are here to celebrate existence! We need not be restricted by the roles or expectations set upon us by the external world. We need not remain lost in the fears, hesitations, and insecurities of the little girl inside us. Have you yet to discover you are more than just that girl? You are a strong & shining Woman. You are a Queen. A Divine Goddess at Play.


The Hindus call it Lila, but perhaps you identify with another form of sacred feminine energy - Inanna, Diana, Kuan Yin, Yemanja, Aphrodite, St. Clare, Mother Mary, Lakshmi, Shakti, Kali, a playful forest Snow Queen - whoever your Goddess soul-sister may be, don’t forget:


The world needs you NOW in your full power, desperately.


The world needs your nurturing touch, your creativity, your strength, your Love, your endless well of healing energy. This is your natural state.


I once had a breath-taking vision during a meditation ceremony. I experienced God in the form of a beautiful Goddess, churning the cosmic sea. You are that Goddess - churning the entire Universe to keep its energy going. Perhaps you churn it through sacred dance. Perhaps it’s the songs you sing. Perhaps it’s the poems you write for your children. Or the smile you share with the stranger bagging groceries. You churn all the elements of your life to keep them going strong - your family, your career, your spiritual devotion, your passions, your endless Love. You infuse yourself into all you do, everything you touch with your lovely hands.


This is your calling. To be a Goddess, celebrating life, creating, healing, and loving to your full capacity.


You are not meant to give up your power to anybody. You are meant to be yourself fully, without apology.


Keep the Universe breathing.

Super Woman 2019


What an honor to be born a woman in this contemporary age…and what an enormous responsibility! We often feel torn in uncountable directions, as if we’re meant to be so many things. For one, it’s many women's nature to want ‘to nest,’ to settle down and create a peaceful home environment in which we & the ones we love can remain safe from the world. We don’t want to become hardened, need to fight for survival, or develop the thick skin often required to navigate this rugged world. We want to remain soft, nurturing, and receptive. However, there is another layer to our natural desires that has (thankfully) become more accepted in Western society: woman are also now accepted as independent, ambitious, adventure-seeking creatures, able to thrive with or without a mate. While this is reason to celebrate, it sometimes adds additional pressures upon us as we attempt to balance everything - a home life, a work life, our health, a spiritual practice, creative projects, relationships, friendships, community... and, of course, we expect to do it all perfectly! 


We’ve struggled in the past because it’s been a man’s world for so long; it’s been difficult to feel natural within it. The good news is, the world is shifting. Slowly but surely, a strong, feminine energy is finding its way into all areas of life, so woman can more easily remain themselves AND fulfill their dreams & desires outside of the home - and the world needs it! 


As the Dalai Lama proclaimed at the Vancouver Peace Summit several years ago, "The world will be saved by the Western Woman." The Dalai Lama did not utter this statement to slight men or non-Western women. He is simply pointing to the fact that the world's Yin & Yang balance has been off for centuries. We need more Yin. More softness. Compassion. Love. Re-connection with the Goddess. Adoration of the Divine Mother. Communion with nature. Openness. Surrender. So why the Western woman? Because she has the freedom to be in the world without fear of persecution or harm (relatively speaking.) Within the context of the rest of the Dalai Lama's speech, the meaning behind his quote could read: the Earth needs more conscious men & conscious women to create a new world filled with the qualities of yin - with kindness, peace, serenity, & spiritual enlightenment. 

Are you ready to lead the way? 

It all begins with you - with transforming your own precious life. Imagine a life where you feel deeply connected in your relationships, beautiful in your body, and inspired by the work you do. Imagine you make every choice out of love rather than guilt, obligation, or fear. Imagine caring for yourself without feeling selfish because you realize when you care genuinely for yourself, you naturally care for others in a more powerful & healthy way. I am dedicated to helping you step into your full power and create a life that’s everything you wish it to be.

If nothing else:

Be the woman you needed as a girl.

What does it mean to become a queen?

A Queen Wears the Weight of her Crown. It’s not always easy. Sometimes she wants to remove the responsibility. Sometimes she wonders if she’d give it all up for a restful life with less burden to bear. But in her finer moments she knows she wouldn’t trade her life for anything - and she proudly embraces her missions, goals, and dreams. She feels honored to guide her Kingdom.

Self-Love Cards:

A lesson in Nurturing

My friends had been talking about the importance of self-love, and we were playing with a deck of “Wisdom” cards as we had the conversation. But when the idea arrived, it felt perfectly inspired, and I immediately thought to myself: “What do I need more of in my life that I am consistently pushing off in order to take care of other people, obligations, or life responsibilities?”

Giving & Receiving gracefully

Years ago, someone young and wise pointed out an extraordinary truth to me. I had just uttered the phrase “give and take” while in his presence - and he immediately stopped me and said: “Give and receive.”

“What?” I asked, not noticing the enormous difference between these two phrases at the time. “Give and receive,” he repeated. “You’re not taking anything. You are receiving something that someone has chosen to give to you freely. It’s just as important for you to be open to receiving it as it is for them to give it to you.”

mystical meditation

When you are dreaming at night, no matter how real the dream seems, once you wake in the morning and move through your day, you can typically look back and say, “That was just a dream. Now, I am awake. I understand the difference between the two.” Similarly, in the midst of a mystical experience, you can clearly look back at day-to-day living and say, “That is but a mere dream when compared to this Reality.”

Self-Esteem & Autonomy

The more self-esteem you build, the less you can be compromised. If you can be bought, if you can be compromised, if you sell your soul for comfort, familiarity, or whatever else you're afraid of losing, you will always block your higher guidance. As Caroline Myss says, "it's a matter of spiritual shame."

my tiny buddha article on

(self) forgiveness

I woke up one morning recently and didn’t want to get out of bed. I’d become plagued by all the little lies I’d ever told to those who loved me. And what of the illusions I’d built in my own head? The ways I lied to me? Or the decisions I’d made thinking of self-preservation, instead of the greatest good? I dwelled in remorse until I realized: in each of those situations - I’d done the best I could at the time.

A personal


In hindsight, the night was gift - but while I was writhing on the ground screaming “Mercy!” in terror of the stifling prison-life I’d created, I remember thinking “I would rather have someone cut off my actual, physical limbs than continue the psychological torture I’m undergoing.” That’s the kind of gift it was.

The importance of Daily Meditation & creating a Sacred Space in Your Home 

If there’s one thing I must do every day, it’s clear my mind & meditate. I say “must" ...however, I don’t always stick to this prescription. Why not? If I know a daily meditation is going to elevate my life - if I know I will move through my day with more ease & clarity - if I know I will be able to better handle challenges tossed my way - why don’t I stick to the master plan!?

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